Wedding Band Workshop

The love between you and your partner is something to celebrate!

Making your own rings at The Smithery is an experience that will create memories to last a lifetime.

Enjoy a relaxed, fun, and productive day at our inclusive studio, located in Columbus Ohio, working one on one with a professional artist by your side to make a unique pair of commitment bands.  Spend the day bonding with your partner, as you work together to make your rings! You will take home your new perfect rings that day!


Read through our FAQs below. You will find a lot of information about the workshop, ring options, scheduling, and more.

Browse through photos of rings made by real couples in our workshop below to get an idea on the types of rings that can be made.

Fill out our Workshop Inquiry Form, located at the bottom of this page, when you are ready to start the conversation.


Wedding Band Workshop FAQ

What style of rings can we make?

Rings created in this workshop

  • are classic, minimal, and timeless designs
  • may include textured surfaces made with hammers and other tools
  • are finished with matte, brushed or polished surfaces
  • may include custom personalization through stamped inscriptions
  • a soft general curve can be added on narrow bands to accommodate some engagement ring styles

Scroll through this entire page to see photos of rings made by couples in our workshop.

What materials are available?

The following materials are available:

- 14K Yellow Gold
- 18K Yellow Gold

- 14K Rose Gold
- 14K Palladium White Gold

- 18K Palladium White Gold

All the materials we use in making the rings are SCS Certified Recycled Precious Metals sourced from an American refiner.

We believe strongly in utilizing existing materials that are refined to the same purity as newly-mined materials.  

All metals are nickel free and do not require plating.

Platinum is not available.

Do I need experience to take this workshop?

Because you will have guided one on one instruction with a professional artist, no prior experience or artistic ability is required.

The success of your ring is assured as we will be here to help you every step of the way. We break it down into small steps that make the process of making the rings easy to follow. You'll have the opportunity to practice many of the techniques prior to doing them on your real rings.

What is the cost of the Wedding band workshop?

The total cost of your workshop includes:

Workshop Booking Fee ($725)
+ Ring Fee (price varies)

You will find more specific information about ring options further down the FAQs.

what is included in the workshop booking fee?

- Free Consultation

- Exclusive use of our studio with private instruction. You will be the only couple at your workshop. This day is all about you!

- Digital photos documenting your day and the process of making your rings! Evidence to show your friends and family that you did, in fact, make your rings, and to remember all your hard work!

- Lunch from a great local restaurant. We are more than happy to cater to special dietary needs.

- Ring box to hold your rings until the big day! But we won't tell if you want to wear them home!

- Fresh flowers to decorate the worktable and for you to keep!

- A bottle of bubbly to take home with you to celebrate! 

What times are available for booking a workshop?

Once we have received your inquiry form, we will send a link to our calendar of available dates.

Workshops are offered in:
~ Winter/Spring Season (January-May) *We are fully booked for Spring 2024*
~ Late Summer/Fall Season (late July-November)

We offer workshops on weekdays and weekends to offer some flexibility, however weekend dates book very quickly.

Plan for approximately 6-7 hours of total time to complete your rings. We work at your pace so the time frame can vary depending on your designs.

We encourage you to get in touch via our inquiry form as early as possible, as our calendar fills up quickly, especially weekend dates.*

how much is the ring fee?

The Ring Fee will vary based on:

-metal choice
-finger size
-width of band
-thickness of band
-shape of ring stock
-current gold market prices

All these variables make it difficult to give a ballpark Ring Fee without a consultation.

We can provide a personal quote through your consultation that reflects the design choices you have made for your rings.

On average, the Ring Fee for a pair of rings ranges between $1500 - $2400 combined.

However, the Ring Fee can be less than, or greater than, depending on the options you choose.

If you have a budget you want to work within, we can guide you toward suitable ring options.

For example:

- 14K Yellow/Rose gold will be a significantly lower Ring Fee than the same ring style in 18K Palladium White Gold

- a wide ring for a larger finger will be a vastly different Ring Fee than a dainty thin band in a smaller ring size.

Can the rings we make be resized?

We offer one complimentary ring resize per ring within one year of your workshop.

If the ring requires additional material to size it up, you will be responsible for the additional material cost.

Any subsequent resizing will be subject to our standard resizing fees.

Your rings can also be resized by any jeweler who does sizing and repairs.

Can stones be added to my ring?

Small flush set diamonds, moissanites or sapphires can be added to your bands following your workshop.

If this is a feature you are interested in, we can discuss options with you during the consultation process.

Additional charges will apply. You will leave your ring with us to set the stones in the week following your workshop.

Is your studio LGBTQ+ friendly?

YES! Absolutely!

We proudly welcome all couples, and all expressions of love here at The Smithery!

It is a special honor for us to spend the day with you celebrating the joy and love you have found together!

Where is your studio located?

The Smithery Studio is located in Columbus, Ohio at The Fort.
All workshops are held here in our private studio.

This sounds awesome. How do we get started?

When you are ready, after you have read through the FAQs, fill out our Wedding Workshop Inquiry Form.

We will be in touch with more information once we have had a chance to review your submission.

We look forward to talking with you soon!

Rings made in our workshop

Make Your Own Ring Workshop

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