Make Your Own Wedding Band Workshop

Want to celebrate the unique relationship you have with your partner?  Let The Smithery provide an experience that will leave you with memories that will last a lifetime. Enjoy a relaxed yet productive day in our studio working with a professional artist by your side to make a pair of wedding bands.

Making rings yourself is a much more rewarding experience than selecting a ring out of a catalog.  We will guide you through all the steps in handcrafting your ring from the materials and design of your choice. Enjoy the day bonding with your partner as you work together to make your perfect rings!

The success of your rings is assured with our help at your side through every step of the process.  You will have quality custom fit rings at the end of our day together. No prior experience or artistic ability is required. 

This sounds awesome, how do we get started?

Read through our FAQ's, as many of your questions will be answered here.  Then, when you are ready, fill out our WEDDING BAND INQUIRY form.  We will be in touch with you to book a consultation when we have had a chance to review your information. We can answer many of your specific questions at the consultation.

What happens at the consultation?

We'll get to know you a little bit and discuss your ideas. We will size your fingers, look at samples, talk about material options, and answer any questions you may have.  After we get an idea of the rings you would like to make, we will provide a price quote for materials either at the meeting or in a follow up email if you have a number of options you are considering.  At this point, if you are ready, we can schedule your workshop date.  At the time of booking, we will collect payment of the workshop fees.

Once a decision is made about the rings you would like to make, we will collect a deposit on the material costs so we can make preparations to get your materials ready for your workshop date.

Do I need to have experience? Who can take this workshop?

Because you will have guided one on one instruction with a professional artist, no prior experience or artistic ability is required.  The success of your ring is assured as we will be here to help you every step of the way.

How far in advance should this be scheduled?

Your consultation will need to be scheduled a minimum of 6-7 weeks prior to your wedding date.

Your workshop will be scheduled no sooner than 2 weeks after the consultation date to allow time for us to obtain your raw materials.  

We recommend your workshop is scheduled at least 3 weeks prior to your wedding date. 

How long does it take?

Plan for approximately 6 hours of total time to complete the rings.  Workshops can be scheduled for one full day, or over two sessions. 

What times are available for booking a workshop?

Workshops are typically designed to be a one day event over a 6 hour timeframe.  However, we also have the option to split it over two days if you need to break it up. We'll work with you to find a time that works with your schedule and our current calendar.

We encourage any weekend bookings to be scheduled asap, as these fill up the soonest.

We currently are scheduling wedding workshops during the following times: 
Single Day Bookings:
Tuesday or Wednesday : Noon - 6pm
Saturday: Noon - 6pm 
Sunday: Noon - 5pm *

*(This session is an hour shorter due to our store hours, so we only recommend this day for those with fairly straightforward designs).

Two Day Bookings:
Scheduled on a case by case basis. Generally two 3 hour sessions.

What is included in the workshop package?

- Free Consultation
- Exclusive use of our studio with private instruction.
- 10% off any purchases made in store the day of your workshop.
- Digital photos documenting your day.
- A light lunch, and snacks.
- Ring boxes.
- Fresh flowers to decorate the worktable and for you to keep.
- A bottle of bubbly to take home with you to celebrate! 

In addition to the workshop fee, you will be responsible for the cost of materials and any additional services we provide (stone setting, for example) as determined by the ring designs we discuss in the consultation. Any techniques or processes outside the scope of the typical workshop may require additional fees and time commitment.

What are the workshop fees?

-Single day bookings, as listed above: $425 + Material Costs
-Two day bookings, as listed above: $475 + Material Costs

What kind of rings can we make?

You will be working with milled wire stock in the material of your choice.  There are quite a variety of bands that can be made with the various sizes, milled wire shapes, and precious metal colors available.  This workshop lends itself to more simple timeless designs that can be accented with various textures and finishes. You will leave with high quality wedding bands you will be proud to wear for many years to come. 

Jenn and Greg made three rings, two stacking rings for her and one for him, in palladium white gold.  They included personal inscriptions inside the rings, and a braille pattern on the outside of her ring. They completed the rings with brushed and a polished finish.
Tia and Micah worked hard to figure out how to get a perfect 'Wonder Woman' point on her ring.  With paper engineering and some determination they worked it out and made these beautiful matching yellow gold bands that complimented their engagement rings.
Elisha and Dylan worked in a team to make this rustic textured, oxidized sterling silver band for him. They took turns in the process fabricating the ring, then each adding layers of texture, annealing with the torch and stamping their wedding date inside.
Abbey and Derek had us make a rose gold ring to fit around her engagement ring, and the two of them worked together to make this comfort fit oxidized sterling silver ring for him.
Bethany and Josh, both avid rock climbers, wanted to create something that reflected their interests. It was a bit outside the scope of what we can teach in a workshop, but we came up with a plan how to help them be involved in making their vision a reality. Over a couple intensive workshop sessions, with us doing some prep work in between, we collaborated with them to create this pair of rings in palladium white gold. They formed the bands, stamped text inside and added the texture to the mountains and added the final touches.
Andrea and Pat made a rounded square oxidized sterling band with a rounded comfort interior for him, and two thin rose gold bands to sit on either side of her vintage engagement ring. After the workshop, she had us add a symmetrical contour and a bridge to keep the rings oriented correctly.
"Today we went in to make the rings, and it was such a cool experience!  Not only was it really neat to complete the process from beginning to end, but we got to solder our own rings. Yes, I was given a small blowtorch and trusted not to set myself on fire! We worked with Anne, and she showed us step-by-step what to do and helped us along the way. I was a bit paranoid that my end product would be kind of crappy, as I have zero experience and not a very steady hand. These fears were for naught, as the rings turned out really nice. 
I cannot say enough nice things about our experience, and I can't wait to show off our new rings once we're married! I know that I will enjoy thinking about this special day whenever I look at my wedding band." - Jillian
Jillian and Danny made complimentary sterling silver rings in a comfort fit profile.  They finished each with a brushed surface to have a subtle matte finish.
Victoria and Casey made a rustic textured sterling band for him, and a thin rose gold band for her. After the workshop we added a setting to hold a small diamond in her ring.
"After a disappointing visit to a chain jeweler, we found ourselves wanting a more personalized experience. With a little research, we found The Smithery offered workshops where couples could hand make their own wedding bands. We were hesitant, given the fact that neither one of us had any jewelry-making background, but after our consultation we were very excited to start! Both Anne and Jen were a pleasure to work with. They took the time to listen to our wants and needs and made our visions come to life. The entire process was wonderful and we wouldn't trade the experience, or our rings, for the world. We cannot thank The Smithery enough for the opportunity and helping us make a lifelong, one-of-a-kind memory. We highly recommend this workshop for any couple looking for something unique and special." - Victoria

"Had a blast making our wedding rings I'm not very crafty, so was worried the rings would end up looking like tortured metal, but they turned out looking great thanks to the Smithery ladies' patience and expertise. My wife and I will always remember making the rings for the rest of our days - every time we look at them.  If you want something different from 'Jared's wedding ring special,' then make a date to make your own wedding rings and you'll always have some great memories to go along with the rings. The Smithery rocks!" - Dan

"The Smithery is fantastic! We made our wedding rings here last year, and it was such a wonderful experience. I look down at my ring every day and am so thankful we made them with the help of the gals at the Smithery rather than purchasing them somewhere online. If you are at all in doubt-- give them a call and they will walk you through the process. I can't recommend the wedding ring-making experience highly enough! Thanks, ladies, for making our special day that much better!" - Karen

Karen and Dan chose to make matching Palladium White Gold bands with a sentimental inscription which they stamped on the inside themselves before forming into rings.  

What materials are available?

All the materials we use in making the rings are recycled precious metals sourced from an American refiner. We believe strongly in utilizing existing materials that are refined to the same purity as newly-mined materials.  All metals are nickel free.

The following materials are currently available:
- 10K Yellow Gold
- 14K Yellow Gold
- 18K Yellow Gold
- 22K Yellow Gold
- 14K Palladium White Gold
- 18K Palladium White Gold
- 14K Rose Gold
- 18K Rose Gold
- 14K Green Gold
- 18K Green Gold
- Sterling Silver


How much do materials cost?

It is difficult to quote a 100% accurate cost without knowing the detail of your ring sizes or design.  Prices vary based on current market costs which fluctuate daily.  We have put together a estimation for a single ring, of an average finger size, in a rectangle stock measuring 3mm wide x 1.5mm thick. 

10K Yellow Gold $225
14K Yellow Gold $325
18K Yellow Gold $475
22K Yellow Gold $650
14K Palladium White Gold $405
18K Palladium White Gold $545
14K Rose Gold $325
18K Rose Gold $475
14K Green Gold $375
18K Green Gold $525
Sterling Silver $40

These prices are provided only to give a ballpark estimate, your actual cost of material will vary based on your finger size, the shape and size of milled wire, material, and the current market.

When and how do we pay?

We will collect the workshop fee for the ring workshop at the time of booking. Typically this happens at the consultation.  Fees are non-refundable after this time but dates can be rearranged if necessary.

Material costs need to be paid in full no later than 3 weeks prior to the workshop date. Many couples pay a 50% deposit at the consultation.  We can discuss payment at the consultation based upon how far ahead you are booking your workshop.

Fees can be paid in store, or over the phone.  We accept major credit cards, debit cards, and cash.

How should I dress for the workshop?

We ask that for safety precautions, you wear closed toe shoes and bring a hair tie to hold your hair back.  We provide safety glasses, aprons, and safety instructions.