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Make Your Own Wedding Band Workshop

Want to celebrate the unique relationship you have with your partner?  Let The Smithery provide an experience that will leave you with memories that will last a lifetime. Enjoy a relaxed yet productive day at our studio, located in Columbus Ohio, working with a professional artist by your side to make a pair of wedding bands. Making rings yourself is a much more rewarding experience than selecting a ring out of a catalog.  We will guide you through all the steps in handcrafting your ring from the materials and design of your choice. Enjoy the day bonding with your partner as you work together to make your perfect rings!

The success of your rings is assured with our help at your side through every step of the process.  You will have quality custom fit rings at the end of our day together. No prior experience or artistic ability is required. 

Browse through our gallery of rings made by other couples and read through our FAQ’s below, as many of your questions will be answered here. Then, when you are ready, fill out our WEDDING BAND INQUIRY form.  We will be in touch with you to book a consultation when we have had a chance to review your information. We can answer many of your specific questions at the consultation.



Create Your Own Wedding Rings, Handmade Wedding Bands, Artist Made Commitment Rings


Make Your Own Wedding Band, Forged Wedding Rings, Recycled Gold


"We couldn't recommend this workshop enough! It's a very special and intimate experience that is extremely rewarding. When you come out having made something that not only celebrates a promise but something we will wear for the rest of our lives, it is very unique and we will cherish it forever.  We had no clue what The Smithery had in store for us when we came in and the workshop blew any expectation we would have had out of the water! In the end we learned about smithing metal and we were able to take control and create the rings ourselves while Anne & Jen made sure we left with nothing short of a perfect set of wedding rings. Thank You!" -Cody & Nicolette

DIY Wedding Band Workshop, Forged by Hand, Ethical Metalsmiths Recycled Gold


"We can't speak highly enough about our time at The Smithery! These ladies are incredibly talented at their craft, and we left the workshop with beautiful rings crafted with a very personal touch. Jen and Anne worked very closely with us to ensure that the rings turned out just as we imagined. They were able to provide us with a truly unique experience, one that we'll remember for the rest of our lives."
-Drew & Jared



"On our workshop day, Jen and Anne went above and beyond to make us feel comfortable and spoiled. It was truly a day devoted to us and a priceless memory. The quality of our rings is impeccable (thanks to their coaching) and one of a kind pieces we will cherish the rest of our lives."
- Erin & Saul


 "The idea of making our own wedding bands would create an added connection to something already so symbolic. Mark and I live in Canada and so I expected that we would attend a wedding band workshop in a nearby city. After researching the workshops across Canada and in the United States, Mark surprised me with a road trip to Columbus, Ohio to make our rings at The Smithery. The private workshop gave us the opportunity to have full attention from Anne, who ensured that we didn’t get too carried away with filing and walked us through the entire process first with a copper ring and then with the final material. Mark and I could not be happier with how our rings turned out and we love being able to share our experience of the workshop with our friends and family.” 

Alyssa & Mark



“The wedding band workshop is amazing.  It is an experience that you will never forget and should be part of every couples wedding experience. We love showing off our rings and telling others that we made them ourselves.  How many people can say that about their wedding bands? If you are looking for a unique experience for you and your partner, then I can think of no better one than the Wedding Band Workshop offered by the fantastic, talented women at The Smithery. “ -Chris & Kristin

"We had a wonderful time making our wedding rings with Jen!  The team at The Smithery made the experience both meaningful and fun and we love being able to tell our friends and families that we actually made our own rings.  They helped us create beautiful pieces that we will cherish forever!"  
- Wesley & Kyle

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