Repairs & Services

Do you offer ring resizing?

Rings made by The Smithery
Yes, depending on the ring. If it is determined that a ring is able to be sized, there is a resizing fee (typically ranging between $25-50) plus any materials required if the ring needs to be sized up.

Due to the way some rings are constructed and the design of the piece, not all rings can be resized. This is a case by case basis. If you have concerns about the fit of the ring at the time of purchase, we can steer you in the direction of rings that can be resized.

Some rings can be made to order in different sizes than what is listed online.  Let us know what you are interested in and we can determine what is possible.

Rings made in our Make Your Own Wedding Band Workshop 

We offer one complimentary ring resize per ring, within one year of your workshop. If the ring requires additional material to size it up, you will be responsible for the material cost. Any subsequent resizing will be subject to our standard resizing fees. If you are not in the area and cannot bring your rings to us, your rings can also be resized by any jeweler who does sizing and repairs.

Rings not made at The Smithery
At this time, we do not offer ring resizing on rings not made at The Smithery.

Do you offer jewelry repair?

Jewelry made by The Smithery 

We do our best to make sure each piece is made with care. However, if a repair is needed due to a construction flaw, we will take care of that for you. If a piece becomes damaged due to wear and tear or an unfortunate accident, we can evaluate the best way to get your jewelry looking new again. Repair charges will be determined at that time.

Please email a clear photograph to help us to determine the best solution. Once we have had a chance to review, we will get back to you with more information about how to proceed.

Jewelry not made at The Smithery
At this time, we do not accept jewelry repairs on pieces not made at The Smithery. We can try pointing you in the right direction if the repair is not something we can help you with.

Do you repair broken chains?

Unfortunately, the more you love your jewelry, natural wear and tear can occur. When possible, we can repair some chains. Sometimes they just need a new clasp which we can often replace. We can assist you in replacing the chain for your jewelry when a repair is not possible.

Do you offer longer/shorter chain lengths?

If you are looking to purchase a necklace from our website, but the chain is not the correct length for you, we can likely make accommodations. Please email us with the necklace you are interested in, and the desired chain length and we can discuss what options there are.

If you already have a necklace that needs a chain length adjustment, send us an email with photos and we can determine what is the best approach. We can sometimes alter a chain, add an extender, or find a suitable replacement.

Do you do watch repair, antique restoration, or appraisals?

No, these are not services we provide.