Custom Wedding Rings

Does walking into a commercial jewelry store feel a little out of your character?  Yes, we get that feeling too. Our guess is that you want the representation of your love to reflect YOU, not a numbered ring out of a catalog. 

Our in-house artists can help design wedding and commitment rings that suit your style. Whether you would define your taste as elegant, minimal, alternative, or classic, we can provide personal service to assure that your rings express the lifestyle and love that you are celebrating with your partner.  With casting and fabrication all done in house, you will have the opportunity to see part of the process unfold.

A number of our featured artists also make boutique wedding jewelry. We will work directly with the artist themselves in customizing a piece for you.

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All the jewelry made in-house is made exclusively with recycled precious metals.  Instead of digging the earth for ore, recycled metals are generated using scrap precious metals from various sources which are purified, through a refining process, to the same high level as mined gold. The refined pure metals from both the mine and the recycled source are of identical purity! Less environmental impact, clearer peace of mind.  When we work with gems, we will always seek ethically sourced options first.

While we do not buy old jewelry, we are happy to repurpose your existing stones or gold in the making of a new ring if it is of a purity we can alloy.