Custom Commissions

We love to work with customers to making your idea a reality.  Whether you have stones that you have collected and want them made into a piece of jewelry, jewelry you would like to have made over, or have a concept you'd like to have us design for you, we are more than happy to sit down and talk about possibilities.  We are committed to creating a piece that you will love and treasure for a lifetime.  We have the ability, in-house to fabricate endless forms, set stones, source needed elements, and cast pieces to make the designs come to life.  See some examples below of pieces we have created recently for our customers. Get in touch with us to start a project of your own! 

A customer brought these pieces of sea glass he picked up on the beach, with his wife, on a vacation together.  He wanted to surprise her with a bracelet. After talking about her style a bit, we came up with this design and fabricated it in sterling silver. 

Andre commissioned us to make a sapphire engagement ring.  After looking at numerous stone options, he chose this gorgeous rose cut sapphire which we bezel set into a classic timeless ring design.

This antique Lincoln coin was brought to us to be made into a money clip.  We set the coin in a sterling bezel and fabricated a nickel clip.

A customer brought us this Italian telephone coin that she has had since her days studying abroad years ago. She wanted to add it to a layered necklace she wears everyday.  We created a prong setting that did not cover any of the interesting detail on the front or back.

A gentleman brought us this shell he picked up on a beach in Hawaii while traveling with his wife. He had us create a sterling silver ring, featuring the shell in a bezel setting, as a surprise gift for his wife. 

A couple brought us this stone they picked up while traveling and had us make this wedding ring using a yellow gold bezel, sterling ring, and a gold inlay in a cracked area of the stone. We also rebuilt an existing coordinating ring for her partner.

Helen brought us a pair of clip-on bow earrings she received decades ago, along with two family diamonds that she had us design and incorporate into a brand new stick pin.

We removed a customer's diamond from a family engagement ring, came up with a design, and made into a lariat style necklace as a gift to her daughter to wear on her wedding day.

This one of a kind custom etched brass keychain was commissioned as a gift, for the opening of a restaurant, utilizing elements of the logo. We can create etchings from any black and white graphic.

These hand cut sterling silver lapel pins were commissioned, using a company logo, as a corporate gift for a conference.

As a gift of sympathy, these necklaces and keychain were commissioned by neighbors after a father had passed away for his two daughters, son, and their mother. We preserved flower petals of three rose buds from the funeral services in sterling silver settings, each with a simple personal inscription on the back.

We were commissioned to make a cuff bracelet and two necklaces from a family set of silver brought back from from a father's time serving in Korea decades ago. The long delicate handles of the rose bud stems seem to have been made for joining together to make this elegant curving bracelet.

Using bullet casings from a family member's memorial service we created a suite of jewelry for various members of the family.

We cut off the ends of the bullet shells and bezel set them into a sterling silver necklace, two pendants and a pair of cufflinks.

Sue brought in this beautiful chalcedony cabochon in a color that reminded us of a crystal clear ocean blue. She wanted a sleek and polished design that would really make the stone shine. We decided on a bezel setting with an open back to allow the light to shine through and set it horizontally in a square ring.

Ursula commissioned us to make these sentimental horseshoe necklaces to commemorate a family member. We sketched out a horseshoe design, and decided on antiqued bronze and oxidized sterling for the metal choices. We went to work carving the horseshoes one at a time in wax, cast them in-house, finished them up, imprinted a name, and added a patina.

 Shelley brought us this faceted rutilated quartz she received from a friend for her birthday. After considering different jewelry types, we decided a necklace pendant would show off this stone the best. We constructed the basket setting from sterling silver leaving open space around the stone to allow light to show off the beautiful golden striations throughout this stone.

Robyn brought us a family diamond to have removed from an existing ring and made into an engagement ring. With the inspiration from Anne's 'Dreaming of Glaciers' Ring series, we fabricated this band from 14K Palladium White Gold. We incorporated a low profile bezel setting into the band so it sat closer to the hand, since the recipient works with her hands a lot and wouldn't want the vulnerability of a taller prong setting.

Amy & Rob wanted us to create wedding bands that complimented one another but also fit their personal aesthetics.  Amy wanted a thin wedding band with a unique form that wouldn't take away from the elegant simplicity of her solitaire engagement ring. We decided on a 14K Palladium White Gold band with geometric facets so that there would be a little bit of sparkle to mimic the diamond of the engagement ring.  
Rob remembered a married metal ring Anne had made years ago from silver and copper.  We decided to recreate the ring in 14K Palladium White Gold with 14K Rose Gold Dots married into the band with a brushed finish to allow the contrast to shine through.

Rebecca brought us an antique yellow gold filigree ring that had been in her family. She wanted to wear the ring for sentimental reasons, but it was somewhat outdated and it didn't fit her style very well. Designing with her ideas as the inspiration, we removed the turquoise and tiny diamonds from the old ring and fabricated this more modern ring with asymmetrical placement of the stones. The oxidized interior of the sterling setting was a way to create some contrast to allow the stones to pop. The remaining diamonds were used to make a pair of complimentary stud earrings.

Judy had an idea for a pendant she wanted to add to a chain she already owned.  We sourced this beautiful black druzy in a teardrop shape and created a necklace utilizing various textures to create a black on black contrast.

We created this custom design, and made sterling silver etched necklaces for the non-profit group Operation BeYOUtiful as a gift for each girl they help.

Holly brought us a collection of cufflinks and honorary pins from her late husband and had us create two matching necklaces for her daughters.  We removed cufflink backs and fabricated bezel settings in sterling silver to create a chain to show off the different pieces.

Barbie brought us a big chunky sterling ring she inherited that she never wore. We removed the stone from the ring, melted down the silver, and milled it into sheet and wire. From there, we fabricated a pendant including a new bezel setting for the original stone. It was quite a transformation!

Jen brought us an assortment of Japanese coins, cufflinks, pearls, diamonds and charms that belonged to different family members and held much sentiment.  We sat down with her mother and two daughters to design a collection of pieces utilizing all the components.  We bezel set many of the coins in open back bezel settings so that each could be reversible. Each piece in the group contained an element from each of the cherished family members, and are now worn by all three generations of the women in the family.


Jamie came to us to design five necklaces to give to the seniors on a high school basketball team at the end of the season.  We decided to layer a sterling stamped disc with each girls' name and number atop a sterling silver basketball.  We had fun finding the right texture and technique to give each basketball the most realistic finish. Each charm was made individually so each basketball was unique to each girl.

Deborah brought us a very interesting project converting a family heirloom, an engraved sugar spoon, and a gold coin into a ring. Utilizing the handle of the spoon to make the ring and the spoon itself to house a custom built setting, we created a one of a kind ring to hold this gold standard coin. We added small dots of silver around the coin and put a high polish on the ring to really make the gold shine. We also converted her antique Tiffany spoon into a brooch by adding a hand fabricated sterling pin back. 

Stephanie brought us three pieces belonging to her parents to create a memorial piece. One of the items was a well worn house key her father carried in his pocket for decades. We created a sterling bezel setting for the hex nut with hinges that utilized its geometric form to connect the long chain and the watch face, then patinaed the silver to compliment the natural colors in the aged components.

Chia brought us a piece of her partner's artwork, a sculpted bird head, to see if we could replicate it in sterling silver as a surprise gift.  We created a mold without damaging the original artwork and sand cast the bird head exact to the original, attached a loop and made into a necklace.

A couple was seeking a specific color green earrings to for the bride to wear on her wedding day.  We tested some colors and created these simple bezel set sterling and enamel earrings in a perfect shade of green.

A customer emailed us with an idea for a necklace for his girlfriend that had personal significance for them.  We created a hammer design and inscribed a phrase into the back of the pendant.